Étoffe Story

2014 is the year of story about a journey of Étoffe and its founder Mr. B, was born in a beautiful city – Hong Kong. As an innovative and exciting luxury fashion store, Étoffe hopes to bring in streams of endless memories that recorded marvelous and stunning stories behind. From Italian top designers’ extravagant yet elegant couture evening wear, to fine French workmanship, exquisitely embellished and embroidered romantic wedding gowns. From world famous European designers’ high end made to fit ready-to-wear, to exclusively South American impeccable accessories, as well as some unique and stylish boutiques from the street corners in Asia, and flawless handbags created by artisans whole-heartedly. Through Étoffe, we bring about the finest qualities of materials and glamorous pieces from around the world, which represent different visions towards fashion according to their history and cultures.

In French, Étoffe means fabrics or materials. Étoffe’s mission is to explore, to select and to present only the highest quality of materials along with simple yet original designs in our pursuit and appreciation of luxury, beauty, creativity, and fine workmanship from worldwide fashion designers. Are you ready for unique and organic styles that create an individual statement about being sophisticated and contemporary? Étoffe is ready to share our vision and passion for this fashionable journey! Bon Voyage!